Main projects

2007- SamuSocial de Paris : Rosalie, ERP full-web

Lead developer and project architect for an I.S. actively used and still growing. Close relationships, pragmatic solutions in iterative cycles. Rewrite the application in 2013 in REST architecture, using AngularJS and django-rest-framework.

In collaboration with the CIO. I am the author of the overnight accommodation management software platform for the Pôle Hébergement et Réservations Hôtelières of the SamuSocial de Paris.

This platform now manages the accommodation of nearly 15,000 families in more than 500 hotels in Île de France.

1999-2016 PimenTech

Owner, lead-developer

I co-founded the PimenTech software company to develop in GNU/Linux environment, creating our industrial processes on an artisanal scale. Large managed projects, short and proactive cycles. The majority of the following projects have been carried out within this company.

1996-2016 Century 21 France

Central database of the network, internet platform, extranets.

Architect, project manager and lead-developer, on fixed price and hourly costs. 1000 agencies operating in real time, 300 tables, 50 feeds extracted and imported each day.

I built the first version of the central database and website of the Century21 France network, then carried out the three major overhauls that followed with the PimenTech team, as well as various data flow gateways.

NB: As far as internet projects are concerned, we have taken care of everything except the graphic part and CSS integration.

My last important involvement is spread over 2012-2013: Last major package in parallel of the maintenance development, we completely rewrote their internet platform: the national site, the 900 agencies and groups sites, provided with specific CMS associated. I was present at every level of the project: architect and project manager, customer relations, lead developer, support and assistance to the functional teams. Successful project despite major specification problems.

2001-2016 Figaro Group

Misc. internet/extranet platforms, data flow processing

With PimenTech team, I have collaborated with various entities of the group, for numerous data flow and image processing, good to print applications, websites with backoffice, B2B applications: