I mainly use Free and Open Source Software by philosophy and pragmatism. I describe here the edifice towards which I have for the moment converged.

Main points :

  • Centralising all the data in a single database makes it possible to make the company’s data coherent and accessible (the hunt for excel files)
  • Database model should not be application oriented.
  • The database is interfaced with web applications, which allows immediate use on the company’s desktops and/or remotely.

GNU / Linux ecosystem

Fell into it in 1996, I take over the administration of application servers if possible1.

An architecture with two clone servers is proposed for the production environment, with master/slave replication in real time of the database. Backups are logged over several days, and all system settings are versioned. Deployments are based on Makefiles, and the test environment automatically updates itself with each update of the repository test branch.

PostGreSQL database

Normal form modelisation, installation, configuration, use and maintenance. Used since version 7.0, for models up to 300 tables, 600 req. /s.

PostGreSQL allows me to offer high-performance, reliable and scalable transactional systems. It is the most advanced relational database of the free-software world.

Python laguage, Django web development framework

Python is a language that allows you to develop quickly and cleanly. The Django web framework is in the same vein. Mainly intended to work with PostGreSQL, I was able to use it for high traffic websites and complex web applications. Modular by escence, the product has finally not evolved a lot in recent years and its initial credo, “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”, is still not usurped.

Framework AngularJS

AngularJS is a Javascript framework that allows me to have:


Are listed here in bulk other tools that allow me to offer quality work and make my life easier!

  1. Otherwise, once the database and web servers are configured, only a simple user account and ssh access are required. ^